Banyalbufar Seascape #3


The original name Banyalbahar comprises two different components: banya and bahar. Banya derives from the name of a Moorish settlement established on the island in the 10th century. Bahar supposedly derives from the Catalan la mar or sa mar (meaning “the sea”), or from the Latin juxta mare (meaning “by the sea”). The original Moorish meaning of Banyalbufar is, therefore, “founded by the sea”.

This is a limited edition of 6 prints, numbered and comes with a ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’. For further information please visit FAQ

  • Framing Information: 
    It is a Lambda print on Fuji Crystal DP II high-end photo paper from Fujicolor, mounted on Aluminium with a Plexiglas acrylic plate which covers the print.
  • Size:
    150 x 100 cm

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