Tomeu Canyellas

Tomeu Canyellas is a photographer born in Mallorca in 1980, where he currently works and lives. His interest in photography mainly resides in society and nature, observing how these two elements are related and how they interact with each other.

Tomeu Cañellas has been working professionally in the world of photography since 2011, specializing in landscaping, architecture and interior design. In 2012, he began to collaborate regularly with the local magazine In Palma, which allowed him to develop some personal projects such as "The island of the thousand faces" and "Faces". He is currently one of the founders of an audiovisual studio in Palma, although since 2015 he devotes most of his time to personal projects either individually or in collaboration with other artists.
His work has been recognized in various national and international competitions, among which we could highlight the honorable mention of the "International Photography Awards" in Los Angeles and the "Prix de la Photographie" in Paris. He has held various collective exhibitions, among which we highlight the participation in two editions of the FLECHA Contemporary Art Fair in Palma and the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Oran (MAMO), Argelia.

• Teatre Principal de Palma: "Faust: Una Òpera des de Dintre".
• Maremàgnum de Barcelona: "Elements".
• Puro Hotel de Palma: "The Mallorca Collection 2011”.
• Fundació La Caixa "Gran Hotel" Palma: "Ciència en Imatges ".
• Fundació Barceló: "Mallorca, l'Illa de les mil cares".
• Getxophoto 2013: AMETSAK.
• PalmaPhoto 2015 - PhotoStreet - "Tapets i diretes".
• Fundació La Caixa "Gran Hotel" Palma: “FOTCIENCIA12".
• Castillo Hotel Son Vida 2016: “The Fine Art Mallorca Collection”.
• St. Regis Mardavall 2017: “The Fine Art Mallorca Collection II”.
• Feria de Arte Contemporáneo “FLECHA” 2017 CC Porto Pi.
• Museu Man, Camelle, Galicia, 2018.
• Aula de Cultura CAM, 2019 - La Llotgeta, València, “Baleàrics”.
• Centre d’Art Taller Ivars, 2019 - Benissa, València, “Baleàrics”.
• Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, 2019, Palma - “FLECHA” CC Porto Pi.
• Pure Salt, Port Adriano, 2019, “The Fine Art Mallorca Collection III”.
• Museo de Arte Moderno de Oran (MAMO), Argelia, 2019, “Baleàrics”.